We have a team of officers and committee members who run the local party and coordinate our activities. More information about our Candidates for Devon County Council can be found here.

Lynn DanielSecretary/Elections Agent and West Devon Borough Councillor - Lynn Daniel


Hello, my name is Lynn Daniel. I am a Green party councillor on West Devon Borough Council.

 I am a social worker by profession with a specialist qualification in Mental Health. I am passionate about mitigating the climate crisis and this often keeps me awake at night. I am involved in trying to save our local wild spaces in Devon.

 I bought a motion to council last year to ask that they ban the use of glyphosate in the areas they have responsibility for. The full council agreed to pursue this. I currently have a petition asking for Devon County Council to provide leadership across Devon in expecting all verges and hedgerows to be allowed to grow wildflowers to increase biodiversity. I have over 1,300 signatures so far.

I proposed a motion to council to condemn racism in all its forms and wherever it occurs. I was unable to pursue this because of the Corona virus emergency rules.

As long as I am able to, I will fight to get climate crisis mitigation made a priority for those in power.

Local Party Co-Ordinator - Ruth Testa

Ruth is a long term Green supporter and voter. She is active within the local area and happy to help anyone with any concerns or questions they might have.

Brian Wood

Treasurer - Brian Wood

Brian lives in Okehampton and  is a member of the Green Party because he wanted a more caring form of politics which works for equal, inclusive and sustainable societies. He is very active in his local community, as the Chair of Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council, a volunteer and trustee of Okehampton District Community Transport and as a founder of the Okehampton COVID19 Support Group

Sara Palmer  Membership Secretary - Sara Palmer

Soo ChapmanCommittee Member and West Devon Borough Councillor - Lucy Wood


Chris Jordan Committee Member - Chris Jordan





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