We have a team of officers and committee members who run the local party and coordinate our activities.

Helen WoodallSecretary/Elections Agent - Hugh Norman


Our ChairmanLocal Party Co-Ordinator - Martin Cusack

Martin is a long term Green supporter and voter who has taken the opportunity of retirement to put more effort in to achieving a Green change. He is active within the local area and happy to help anyone with any concerns or questions they might have.

Ian Stannage

Treasurer - Caroline Cusack

Caroline lives in Yelverton and works locally for the NHS. She is a member of the Green Party because she wanted a more caring form of politics which works for equal, inclusive and sustainable societies.

Soo ChapmanSocial Media Organiser - Lucy Wood

She likes to dare hope that the pen is mightier than the sword.


Local Young Greens Representative - Morwenna Roesner

 Morwenna is a recent member of the Green Party and is currently the youngest member in the local Green Party at 22 years old. She is always looking for other like-minded young people to come along and join the Green movement.

Paul WeaverWeb Manager - Morwenna Roesner

Morwenna is a recent member of the Green Party and runs the local party website as well as the West Devon Members website. If you have anything you'd like published please contact her via email.