Councillor Lynn Daniel is petitioning Devon County Council to change road verge management

16 June 2020

Councillor Lynn Daniel is inviting people in Devon to sign her petition calling for a change in the way road verges are managed by County, District and Parish Councils. 

She says "In Devon we have a myriad of verges and hedges that provide homes and food for hundres of insects as well as many varieties of wildflowers and animals. How wonderful the verges have looked this Spring with the suspension of the regular cutting and strimming regimes around the county following the coronavirus restrictions. As we recover we can remember and appreciate living in a beautiful county and reflect on the consolation being in nature can bring.

It is so sad to see acres of dead grass following the council mower where once stood foxgloves, buttercups, bluebells and cowparsley with butterflies and bees flying around them. We are missing a really easy way to protect and enhance our biodiversity, we need to just stop this way of managing verges and hedges."

If you think that we should allow our road verges to be vibrant places, full of wildflowers and insects then please sign her petition here


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