5 May 2017

General Election: 

Chris Jordan

At a meeting at the Bradworthy Inn Chris Jordan was nominated the Green Party candidate to stand in the General Election by his local parties from West Devon and Torridge. Chris Jordan lives in Westward Ho! and is a long time campaigner on conservation, social and environmental issues.  He is also a registered nurse working in North Devon so understands the issues surrounding the NHS.  He is alarmed by the cuts to health services at North Devon District Hospital and the closure of Community Hospitals. He is also concerned by local shortage of nurses and GPs, waiting times are growing and mental health services are severely stretched

Chris stood as a candidate in Westward Ho! for the 2015 District Council election.  Chris says ‘I understand there are major issues around intrusive developments, environmental degradation and especially the huge reductions to public service funding affecting youth services, libraries, funding for schools and social care’.  Chris would like to see free good quality education with no tuition fees, local food production to keep money in the local area, more social housing that is as energy efficient as possible and good animal welfare to avoid inhumane conditions and treatment.



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